Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen People I Am Praying For

1. Karrie. She's a friend of my son and a sweet little girl. She has neuroblastoma and is currently cancer free, but between her 3rd and 4th birthdays, she was diagnosed, treated, operated on and recovered. What a trooper she has been and what an inspiration! She has scans again on St. Valentine's Day. Pray they'll be all clear.

2. Austin. He is my Uncle's step-son and is serving in the Middle East. Not sure if he's in Afghanistan or still in Iraq. Someone in his unit just lost his life and I'm sure it was awful when Austin's Mom answered the phone and it was the Army calling. They called to tell her that it was not Austin who had died in case she heard it on the news or something. I guess it was good that they called at all, but what a kick to the ticker that had to be.

3. Matt. Matt is the son of my Matthew's teacher. He is serving in the Army in Kosovo.

4. Kelli. Many prayers have been answered for Kelli and her family thanks in large part to Boomama. Click here for the details.

5. Three acquaintances of mine who are having hard times. The details are personal and I don't even know all of them, but I know they need some healing and prayers right now.

6. Emma Grace. I don't know her or her family, but you can read more about her here.

7. Ashley. Read about this little girl who needs some prayer warriors here.

8. Erna. For her daughters.

9. Shannon. She's been iced in since Friday in with 4 children. That right there will require praying and a bottle of something at least 60 proof! (Just kidding about the alcohol!) Go visit and see the great project they've come up with.

10. Maxine. Not the cartoon character, although she really looks like her, but this one is sooooo sweet! She's my Step-Grandma and she suffers from Alzheimer's.

11. My Home & Garden Party leader and her husband. He just lost his father and she has some health issues.

12. D.K. Raymer and her family as they deal with the loss of her Father-in-law and the bureaucrats who are making it difficult to provide for his widow.

13. Rachael C., a lady from a town nearby who was in a head-on accident with her 6 kids in the vehicle with her. I know she lost consciousness and regained it, but that's the only bit of info I know.

I know its only supposed to be 13, but there are 2 people from our church who are in need of prayers, too. Cathy has some health issues and Bruce has just lost his wife, Mary.

So as I go about my day, this is what is floating around in my head. I am grateful to be able to pray for these people and I am counting my many, many blessings. If you feel so inclined, please join me in lifting them up in prayer.

Thank you in advance!

Prayer changes things!


Teena said...

Thanks for visiting my page! I love seeing comments from new people.

This TT is very inspirational. :)

Erna said...


Thanks so much for adding my girls to your Thursday Thirteen prayer list. What an incredible blessing! Thanks for your comment today. I'm catching up on my own posts and will have to visit other blogs in the near future. Thanks for sharing today that you were praying for us! Blessings to you!