WFMW: Trick yourself into drinking more water.

I was talking with my Dear Friend the other day and we were discussing water.

I had received an email that talked about Coke vs. Water and all of the things Coke can dissolve (a steak, a nail, car battery corrosion, etc.) and how many things drinking enough water can ease or help with.

Basically, the email was saying to drink more water which is, you know, a good thing.

My friend attended a women's gathering at another friend's church where they discussed drinking water and how it is like giving your insides a bath. They said you should take your weight and divide by 2. This answer is how many ounces of water you should drink everyday.

I have found a way to trick myself into drinking more water than I normally would.

I simply use the 3 oz. disposable solo cups in my bathroom. After brushing, I fill and drink 3 times. That gives me an extra 9 oz. each time I brush.

It's not a ton, but it is an extra glass worth at least two times a day, sometimes more.
Tricking myself into drinking more water works for me!

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Nikki said...

Thank you for this tip. I will share it with my husband who doesn't drink enough!

Teena said...

The coke thing is actually not true, though obviously drinking water is better for you. The television show Myth Busters took on all of the "coke dissolves..." type myths and none of them were true. The only thing that did come up sort of true was that it was better at cleaning chrome bumpers than regular cleaners (possibly the bubbles, I forget why).

Stephanie said...

1/2 my weight?! That is a lot of water!