Thursday Thirteen!

This is my first Thursday Thirteen post! I decided to skip the Nifty-Thrifty Thursday tip since I posted 2 tips for WFMW yesterday. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday and it's just around the corner, I thought I'd post 13 of my favorite things about Christmas.

(in no particular order)
1. Christmas Carols! Can you htink of a better way to express your love of something than singing about it?

2. Christmas Specials! Rankin and Bass did it up right and the "25 Days of Christmas" starts tomorrow night on ABC Family! WAHOO!

3. Decorations! I love to decorate the house up and I love to take the kids to see the Christmas lights. Sometimes I will take different routes to and from places to see what lights displays there are on other roads.

4. Christmas cards! I love getting mail that isn't bills and especially when it's a gorgeous Christmas card! This year, I am saving them to read at supper with the family. I also love to stamp my own cards to send out!

5. Christmas movies! These differ from the Christmas specials and deserve their own category! What is funnier than seeing Chevy Chase hanging from his downspouts or seeing Ralphie in his bunny suit? I also like the sappy ones and the mysterious ones. I like to watch as many as I can every year. I'll post my favorite Christmas movies later.

6. FOOD! I love making food and eating food and dreaming about food! That goes for anytime of the year, but I'm especially obsessed at Christmas. I can't wait to have a little bit of everything!!! YUMMY!

7. Watching the kids! I love to watch the kids get excited and see the looks on their faces when they open something they've been wanting. There's nothing like a kid at Christmas!

8. Church! I love to see the church decorated at Christmas time! There's something even more magical about mass when it's in a church filled with wreaths and poinsettas. The music is even more magical, the service is full of hopeful messages and everyone is smiling! Can't beat it!

9. Making gifts! I like to think I am rather crafty and I love to get out my craft supplies and paint, crochet, stamp and sew up whatever gifts I can! I also consider making baskets a craft since they surely look like a work of art when they're done. The kids love getting in on the action, too. They have made gifts for people every year since I can remember!

10. Family! I love to attend all of the family gatherings! We do a lot of rushing around, but that's one of my favorite things, too.

11. Hosting! I can never get enough of hosting parties any time of the year, but I would entertain every night during the holidays if I could!

12. Traditions! I love doing things with my family now that I did when I was a kid. I hope they will do them with their kids one day, too!

13. Snow on Christmas! Now, I don't want feet of snow, but a light dusting would be okay. It can snow a few days before Christmas to make a nice base, get the roads cleared and then add a little decorative snow for effect on Christmas day. That would work for me!

Well, there you go! That's not all of them, but that's a good start! I hope we can all focus on the joy of the season and remember what it's all about! Which reminds me... I need to set up my nativity!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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Mikala said...

Those are a lot of my favorite things about Christmas too - that's an awesome list. It takes me back to being a kid myself...

I love Christmas.

My third TT is up - Mikala

Celfyddydau said...

You really love Christmas!

DKRaymer said...

Welcome to the TTers, Heather! Your first list is terrific and I see you've mentioned food, so you'll fit in great with this group! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and drop in again anytime; I love company! Have a great weekend,

Samantha said...

WOnderful post about christmas :) Welcome to the world of Thursday 13's! It's a very fun way to spend thursdays LOL I also did one about christmas this week! *hugs*

Jenny Ryan said...

Welcome to the TT :)