What's your name, little girl?

I have no idea what has made me think of this in the last few days, but I keep giggling under my breath and shaking my head about it and it happened over 2 years ago.

A little background...

My Uncle Bob is a boisterous curmudgeon. He's a real show-boat and could be considered obnoxious at times. Especially when there are kids around to laugh at him. He lives for those little giggles and squeals of joy.

For as long as she's been alive, he has called my sister Mandy by the name of Sam. No one knows why really, but we just contributed it to the fact that he thought it was funny. He never slipped or accidentally called her by her true name and he never called her by anything else.

Fast forward to September 2004.

We are at my baby sister's wedding reception. Everyone is partying and having a great time. My 3 sisters and I are walking around visiting family and catching up on how everyone is doing.

We come to Uncle Bob and Aunt Emma. We talk and joke and laugh. Suddenly, Mandy gets the notion to ask, "So, how come you always call me Sam?"

Uncle Bob looks puzzled and says, "Because your name's Samantha."

We all burst into laughter and she lovingly explains that her name is Amanda. We can only assume that he misunderstood her name the first time it was announced and has thought it was Samantha since then.


Anonymous said...

I really, seriously always thought that Sam was just my nickname from him. Sometimes it hurts to learn the truth.(Sniff,Sniff)
P.S. it's not nice to laugh

Samantha said...

Please tell your sister that "Sam" isnt such a bad name ;) I love that word, "curmudgeon"!!