WFMW: Homemede Cleaning Solution & Recipe

Aren't you lucky today? You get a 2 for 1 Works for me Wednesday today!!!


This cleaner is inspired by my Mom who washes her windows with vinegar and water rather than store-bought window cleaner. Her Mom used it as well as generations before and IT WORKS!

You can mix it by the bucket or in a spray bottle.

Homemade Cleaning Solution
3 C water (I use warm)
1 C white vinegar
1-2 squirts liquid dish soap ( I prefer Dawn)

I use this cleaner in a spray bottle and store it under my sink. It's non-toxic and it is GREAT for:
Spot cleaning floors
Spraying on dishes in the dishwasher to soak
Just about anything!

Its especially great for cleaning bathrooms because the vinegar disinfects as well as freshens it up.

Now for my recipe.

This recipe was taken from a magazine years ago. I'm sorry I can't remember which one, but I'll bet it was Family Circle or Woman's Day.

Garlic Cheeseball
2 pkg. Cream Cheese (8 oz. each)
1 jar Kraft Pimento Spread (usually near the Velveeta in the store)
1/4 tsp. minced garlic or 1/8 tsp. garlic powder

Mix all together and form into a ball. Store in refrigerator. Let sit out about 30 minutes before serving. Don't forget the crackers to spread it on (I've done it).

Option- you can also roll the cheeseball in crushed walnuts if you prefer.

Simple as that and you have a great appetizer!

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Mert said...

Thats a great tip, thanks for sharing!

Larae said...

Great tip & the cheeseball recipe sounds delish. Thanks for sharing! =)

Chrissy said...

I've been looking for a simple, homemade, non-toxic cleaner. This sounds great. I've just finished mixing up my own batch and am getting ready to start cleaning my living room.
Thank you for this.

tegdirb92 said...

that is a wonderful tip!!

kwrenb said...

Very nice -
I like to use vinegar to clean also(I'm probably of your mother's generation!)
And -
my husband loves a good cheese ball!

Martina said...

This cleaner is inspired by who washes her windown with vicegar and water rather that store.