Things You Learn Working In A School Cafeteria: Part 2

I grabbed this post from my drafts folder for today. I had planned on posting it at the beginning of the summer, but I didn't have access to my blog for such a long time that I forgot about it. With school starting up again, I thought it would be an appropriate topic.

Part of my job at school is serving in the cafeteria.
Last year, I posted Things You Learn Working In A School Cafeteria. I thought you'd be interested in some new discoveries and epiphanies in the same area. It never ceases to amaze me what kids will come up with and each day is an adventure.

Keep in mind that I worked in a middle school cafeteria last year and this year, I am in an elementary school. The differences are vast I tell you!

1. Watch where you put your hand. Just make sure you glance down at the table before you lean on it to wipe it up or whatever. You never know when or where there will be a big glob of ketchup, half-eaten gummy bear or an unidentifiable mess lurking.

2. Kids have no interest in whether their shoes are tied or not. I don't even bother telling them anymore...

3. Kids can divulge a plethora of information in the 20 seconds they are in front of a cafeteria window. I know when their Mom's get pulled over, I find out when goldfish get flushed and I know who's Dad 'likes his beer'. They are all too willing to share the latest news with us.

4. Reread number 2 above... same goes for zippers.

5. No matter what you pack in their lunchbox or what is on the school menu, your child is eating something completely different... or nothing at all. I guarantee it.

6. Kids can suddenly become allergic to foods. I've seen it happen. For instance, whenever we serve peas there is a surprising number of kids who are allergic to vegetables. Even though they'll take the mashed potatoes next in line. Hmmm... curious!

7. Kids ask lots of personal questions. Very, very personal. You don't really need to know if I've ever taken weight loss pills now do ya? I don't think so.
So now you see why I love my job so much and going back to school for me is something I look forward to. I am constantly entertained and amused; there is never a dull moment!

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