Steven-isms #15

I was browsing my feeds one day and reading one of my favorite blogs; Steven was looking over my shoulder. There were pictures of food sprinkled in with the post. He leaned in closer and jerked his head back, "Eew! What is that?" He asked. I explained what it was and he grimaced, "Looks like something a baby coughed up!"


Instead of Chipmunks, Steven says, "chickmunks".


Steven calls the Raging Rapids ride at Kennywood the "Raging Rabbits". I hope they have good water filters to catch all of those hare balls!


In the picture above, Steven is gathering things to build a 'war frog hut' in our landscaping. I have no idea what a war frog is, but I hope I never run into one. They sound nasty. ;o)


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Bobbie Leigh said...

I love it! LOL! He sounds a lot like my 6 year old daughter, who is both Diva and Tom Boy.