Why I Love...

... Smells!

Our sense of smell is closely linked to memory. Think about how the scent of a certain dish cooking can remind you of Grandma's kitchen, or a cologne can remind you of hugging your Dad after work. A scent can spark a memory in an instant. Some of my favorite scents:

~Vanilla. Reminds me of baking Christmas cookies. My Dad also used to smoke vanilla tobacco in his pipe. I vividly remember that scent. I love vanilla lip balm, vanilla lotion, vanilla candles, vanilla extract straight from the bottle (hiccup!)...

~My kids. Doesn't matter if they are sweaty from being outside or fresh from the tub. I'm sure the sweaty thing will change when they are teenagers, but for now it is bliss!

~Spaghetti. I love to smell spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove. Next to steak, it is my favorite meal.

~Tomatoes. Every time I pick tomatoes from the garden, I walk back to the house sniffing the life out of them. Something about that smell just screams summer to me.

~Apple Pie. So most of these have to do with food and now I am hungry. LOL! My Grandma makes the best apple pie in the history of mankind and I dare anyone to challenge her... I'll do the taste testing, thank you. ;o)

~Baby powder and lotion. Need I say more?

~Coffee. Love the smell, hate the taste.

~ Pumpkin pie. Again with the food! I should have eaten lunch before posting this. :o)

What are your favorite smells?

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