All He Wants for Easter...

You guessed it! Steven lost all 4 of his front teeth. I can't believe how cute it is when he talks! We never had this with Matthew because he lost his first two teeth and it was a full year until the next two came out.

Steven actually lost the lower teeth a few weeks ago. The top teeth were lose enough that he would constantly push them apart by sticking his tongue between them and push them back with his fingers. Mike talked him into letting us wiggle them. He worked one out and, after rinsing and looking at it, Steven came out crying that we had, "... left a big hole(!)" in his gums. A few minutes of sympathy and hugs from Mom and Dad made it all better.

By the next afternoon, he had earned the nickname "Jack"- short for Jack-o-lantern. I was calling him "Nanny McPhee" because he kept doing this:

We were worried about him swallowing the last tooth in his sleep and talked him into letting us pull it. Literally 5 minutes later, it was out!

I ask you, is there anything cuter???


Anonymous said...

He shouldn't have a hard time eating a popsicle!He'sso cute!That's alot of teeth missing! Steven must be rich by now!grandma sis

Ea said...

Well he has the perfect place to hold a straw. I'm sure his wolf parents wouldn't of made him pull his teeth out though. Tell little Samuel I said hi and that he better shave his wiskers for me.