When There Are No Words

Last week, a 10th grader in our school district was killed in a tragic accident. You can read the story here.

As a parent, you can't imagine losing a child... just the thought is unfathomable. The agony of it must be immense. The "why's" and "what if's" must play on an endless loop through your mind.

Even an adult would have serious issues dealing with the feelings that would follow, so think of that little brother. He is one year older than Matthew. He is in the grade ahead of him and I wonder how he is doing. I served lunch to him and his remaining brother all last year, but I do not "know" them.

I saw the father and the two sons walking down the street as I worked this morning. To see them, you would never know. They looked like any other father and sons walking to the store to pick up a snack or something to drink. It's a good sign, I suppose. It was slightly comforting to see them and know that even though their world must be dark and upside-down inside, they are living on the outside.

My heart aches for them. All of them have a lifetime of this memory to come. It will fade and lessen as the years go by, but it will always be in the back of their minds. I won't be attending the funeral and I will likely not send a card, but they are in my thoughts. When there are no words, there are always prayers. That's what I will send and I know they will be felt.

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Ea said...

A guy I work with lost his young son and I did attend calling hours.(worst moment of my life)I truly feel for anyone in this situation and I want to cry everytime I talk to him and I avoid telling too many stories about my son. You could never get over something like that.