It's Gonna Be A Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

Once I can get these kids to go to sleep, that is...

Actually, that lyric holds true in many ways. It popped into my head this morning as the sun came up until I looked at my windows. YUCK!!! They were in dire need of a good squeegee-ing. Mike was bringing supper home, so I had time to hit them all with some spray and a squeegee after work. WHAT A GOOD FEELING!!!

We are off all next week for Spring Break, so I am excited to be able to check one job off my Spring Cleaning list! Windows- checkaroo! My actual Spring Cleaning list is floating around somewhere in my head along with grocery lists, Easter ideas, craft ideas and posts that may or may not make it to the ol' blog. Maybe I should consider a hard copy just in case my brain decides to take the week off, too.

Not that that has ever HAPPENED... or... anything (My husband didn't hear that, did he? Oh yea, I typed it. WHEW!)


The list includes:
Detailed vacuuming
A possible TV wall mount in our room
Dusting everything!!
Tackling the basement shelves (Oy vey!)
Cleaning out our closets

I've got my work cut out for me! Luckily, we're supposed to have a few nice days next week.


In other news...

I HAVE to tell you about a new family in the neighborhood. There are 5 kids who are always inappropriately dressed for the weather and I've only seen an actual adult once. NICE! They moved in in the fall and I've considered calling CPS on them more than a few times. Never because of any abuse (other than letting their kids run around outside in near zero temps with an adult-sized hoodie as a coat), but for the parents (if you can even call them that) being complete idiots.

You know, I feel bad for the kids in this situation. They have no choice in the matter and they suffer because of the parents' total lack of sense and parental ability. I know that on more than one occasion these parents have left for work while three of the kids (5th, 3rd and 1st grades) are left to get on the bus by themselves on a two-hour delay day. This means that the 5th grader gets on the bus a full hour before the 3rd and 1st grader. AND!!! One day, the two younger ones locked themselves out of the house at least 30 minutes before the bus came with no coats on and the two-hour delay we had that day was due to the wind chill being too low!

The kids lack guidance of any kind and are disrespectful, rude and are constantly causing problems. They come over, as soon as they get off the bus, wanting to play. I feel bad, but I send them home. It is not my responsibility to watch them. I can send my boys and the kids I babysit out to play and have no problems, but those kids come over and I have to be on guard constantly.

"Get down from there!" "Don't do that!" "That's not nice." "Take turns and be polite." I feel like I have a yard full of toddlers all of a sudden. It really is stressful. I do not want to spend my spring break or summer warding off certain neighbor children. We have several other neighbors with kids that I don't mind having over, but these kids will not be here all of the time. That's my final answer.

I know that I have to nip it in the bud. If I let them come over to play now, they will be back.

Do you have problems with this? What do you do?

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Kokopelli said...

That's a problem...being both pragmatic and a good neighbor. Seems being pragmatic should be your approach until you get to know the parents better and find out what's really going on.