Terriffic Tuesday Ahead!

Today is going to be great! I don't have anything out of the ordinary planned, but thought I'd start my day with that affirmation. Sometimes you need to announce something to yourself so it will fully sink in. :o)

Let me take a few lines to say Happy Birthday to my sister Mandy! Make sure you go and wish her one, too!

I'm no broker, but I think we are all feeling much better about stocks and futures trading since the market went up so much yesterday. That alone is enough for some people to feel better.

Also, the Make It from Scratch Carnival is up at Stop the Ride today. Make sure you check out all of the beautiful photos and entries submitted! Knowing that you can make so many things from scratch is a serious comfort in times like this.

I am also feeling pretty great because the BROWNS KICKED THE TAR OUT OF THE GIANTS LAST NIGHT! That's right- the Superbowl Champs. We (well, they) killed them! 35 to 14!!! Did you see it?!? Tell me you saw it! I can now proudly wear my Braylon Edwards jersey again. He forgot his hands the first few games, but he brought them last night for sure!

Okay, I gotta run. I hope you all have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

GO BROWNS!When i got up for work last night, I thought I read the score wrong.Jason said that was our super bowl team. i hope!Mom

Stephanie said...

Woo Hoo! Actually we didn't watch the game. I'm not sure why though!

Mandy said...

Thanks for the Birthday shout out! When I went to bed it was 10 to 7. I thought it best just to leave it at that. Then I got up this morning and "Holy Cow!"