Nifty Thrifty Thursday: Thrifty Changes We Can All Make (Part 2)

Today, I'm continuing a list of thrifty changes we can all make. Part 1 can be found by clicking here. These changes can save you more than just money. They can save time, the environment and your sanity. I think we can all agree that those are precious commodities these days!

Please note an addition to this week's post. Along with the coupon sites, freebies and bargain links below, I've added some links to direct product coupons. Please also note that I am not compensated for any of the links in my Nifty Thrifty Thursday posts. I post these links because they are sites or links I think can help save you time or money.

Now, without further ado, here is part 2:

8. Pretreat stains on clothing. This will shorten the time- or number of times- you will need to wash it to get it clean. A while back, I posted about stain removal tips.

9. Shorten the wash time when you set your washer. The shorter cycle will use less energy and unless the load is made up of heavily soiled items, it will clean just as well as a long cycle.

10. Dry clothes on a clothesline. You can put a line up in your basement or on an enclosed porch for rainy days. I use a shower curtain rod in my laundry room and hang items on hangers. Line-drying saves energy and saves many of your clothes from wearing out so fast.

11. When using a dryer, use the low heat setting as much as possible. Most clothes don't need to be dried on high and the high heat can break fabrics down quicker than low heat. I also like to try and run 2 loads back-to-back so the dryer doesn't have to heat itself up again.

12. Run a fan in your basement to circulate the air. It will help keep the house cooler in summer and will keep the heat circulating under your floors in the winter.

13. Change your bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. I noticed a huge difference in my electric bill when I did this in our house. Fluorescent bulbs give off the same amount of light while using less wattage to do it.

14. Use the backs of papers for kids doodles and for notes, phone messages, etc. I use old school papers, backs of junk mail letters and papers that I get from my town council meetings. I cut the pages in quarters and keep some at the computer desk to make notes on.

15. Change your shower head to a water-conserving one. New shower heads can create the same or more pressure while using much less water. They are worth it!

16. Use the window shades or curtains to keep heat out of the house. Especially in the afternoon, I pull the shades on the west side of the house to keep the heat from the sun out.

17. If you run an air conditioner or central air, keep it running. It will be much more efficient if it is kept constant. Otherwise, it will have to re-cool the entire house each time. Turn it up or down as needed, but leave it on. The same can be said of your heat in the winter.


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