Graduations and Birthdays

Going through my pictures (that have miraculously made it onto my computer from the camera), I realize how many things I have intended to post about and just haven't. I'm making an attempt to catch you all up now.

Back in May, both of the boys graduated. You heard me- graduated. Steven graduated from preschool and Matthew graduated from 4th grade. Our elementary only goes to 4th, so he is moving on to junior high.

I managed to get a picture of Steven with his diploma and "graduation cap" (Its a paper one like the Burger King crowns. CUTE!) , but Matthew's ceremony was at night and it was too dark to get a good photo when we got home.

The one thing I like about these paper certificates is how nicely they fit into the scrapbooks. No need to add elements or mount a bunch of stuff. Just slide them in the page protector and voila! Steven's cap made it into the book as well. I couldn't resist!

So congratulations, boys! We're so proud of you both!

Next, I realize that I didn't do a post for Steven's 6th birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday, Baby! We had a really nice party the Saturday after we got home from vacation. We always keep it simple- hamburgers and hot dogs over the fire with all of the cookout fixin's- baked beans, macaroni salad, etc. Of course, we can't leave out the cake. Steven wanted to decorate his own cake, so he made some umm... "ships" out of Legos and we added a few Star Wars guys. Oh, he also wanted gray icing which immediately reminded me of that scene in Steel Magnolias where Sally Fields' character went on about the groom's cake at the wedding would have gray icing. Let me add that gray icing is indeed very UNappetizing. Nevertheless, it tasted fine and he loved it.

My Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law also made cakes for Steven. One is a chocolate bowling ball and the other is white with a clown that Steven likes to play with on top of it.
Well, I can't think of any other milestones I've forgotten, so I guess that updates everyone for the moment. I'm already working on some posts for later this week and I'm adding some things to Nifty Thrifty Thursday that you won't want to miss!

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Cheryl said...

How proud you must be! Their accomplishments become your accomplishments,it seems, yes?