Eat, Eat! Rush, Rush!

I am so thrown off when there is a long weekend. All day today has felt like a Sunday.

We've been buzzing all over the place like busy little bees this holiday weekend! First, There was Mom's cookout Friday at noon. We ended up being a hair late, but we got there in time to eat. I got some of Mom's macaroni salad!!! MY FAVORITE!!! I'm still thinking about it! I'll have to make some and post the recipe at The Fat Bottomed Girl.

I felt kind of bad, but we had to rush off from Mom's and go to another cookout that our friends from church were having. This is one party we don't want to miss for sure. They have their own private fireworks show that Mike and his Dad help set up. They play patriotic music and there is no traffic to fight at the end. Also lots of good food at this party!

Today, Mike had to work in the morning and as soon as he got home, we were off to his cousin's house for yet another cookout. This time, we had to bring our own steaks and a side dish. I made some pasta salad and a chocolate chip peanut butter cake. I am still STUFFED!

Mike's mom also invited us over for ribs tomorrow night, so we aren't quite done yet. Whew! I don't know if I can handle another big meal three days in a row... but I'm willing to give it a go! *wink*

With all this leftover cake, cookies, a whole steak and some blackberry tarts I made somewhere in there, we are set for a while for breakfast and desserts!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!!!

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