Garage Sale Season Again!

It's the time of year when everyone is finished with spring cleaning and all of the stuff they've found or replaced will be put out for sale in a yard or garage sale. Our village-wide garage sales are coming up in a couple of weeks.

People will lay out their spread of fine goods and wares in the hopes that the right person will come along looking for a 10-year-old Cuisinart or a box of old car parts. Some people price items to just get them out and some price things to make a little extra cash for vacation. Deals can be found on clothes, toys and appliances if you look hard enough.

A neighbor down the street even makes great signs for his sales with sayings like, "Best prices in town!"

I have to say that I really enjoy the town-wide sales the most. I am not one to stop at any garage sale just to see what they have, so I like to have several to go to in one day or on one weekend. I'm all for making one trip and getting the most out of that trip.

My best find ever would have to be two sets of valances. They are country plaid. One set is red and beige, the other is green and beige. One set still had the store stickers on them. The original price was $9.50 per panel. I bought 8 panels for .50 each! They all looked brand new. The red set is hanging in my kitchen and dining room right now and everyone raves over them.

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