Back To Normal

I know vacation is supposed to be a relaxing time and you're supposed to be so sad to see it end.


... as nice as it is to get away, its always so nice to be back home.


After two weeks of planning, packing, loading up, unloading, wondering where the fish are, sick kids, coming home, forty thousand loads of laundry (I really thought I'd never get that done), problems with shower faucets, getting ready for a birthday party, oh yes, and baseball games & practices, I am ever so thankful to be getting back to the usual routine.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed getting away for the time that we did, but I'm glad we decided to leave early. It was nice to have those last five days to just get stuff done around the house.

So I sent Mike off to work today and settled back in to babysitting. I have a new child to watch, so it was even more fun. We had a nice day- not too hot with a nice breeze- and all of the kids were exceptionally good!


Babysitting may not seem like a vacation for a lot of people, but it beats that hot kitchen at the school by a long shot. And really, for all of the problems that could- and sometimes do- arise while babysitting, I really love it and I'm thankful to be able to do it.

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