Cleaning Up

I've been trying to use my summer wisely this year. I'm in the process of getting ready for a garage sale and while I'm tearing the house apart deciding what to get rid of, I am doing some deep cleaning.

I'll tell you, I've found some interesting things in this house. Yesindeedy! First, there's the package of sunflower seeds I found in Matthew's room. Then, I found the computer program disk I was looking for when I wiped out my hard drive along with the usb flash drive I put my files on. (I still haven't transferred it all back- probably should get to that.) Finally, I found a sippy cup with yogurt in it that I'm pretty sure started out life as chocolate milk.

Yeah. GROSS!

Needless to say, the sippy cup ended up in the trash.

PS- I'm so proud of myself! I put a new belt on my vacuum cleaner and it actually ran without any major problems and it didn't blow up! Yea me!

PSS- My carpet looks fabulous now!

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Michelle said...

Now that the weather is nicer we have begun spring cleanng! (too bad its summer already!) but i think i uncovered too much dust cause now i have a cold!