Its Been An INteresting Week Around Here

We're still adjusting to schedules and getting things back in order after vacation and Steven's party. Just when you think you're done with something, another element pops up that you've left out. I also keep running into obstacles.

For instance, on two separate days this week, it has been sunny with a slight breeze- good days to hang laundry out. The first day, as I was hanging a load out, I felt sprinkles. I took the clothes down, but it was still early and I was not going to let a little sprinkle deter me. I brought the basket in and waited for the sprinkle to pass. I got most of the load hung for the second time when it started flat-out raining on me. Mind you, it was sunny and bright out when this happened. I gave up and tossed it all in the dryer.

Yesterday, I hung sheets on the line and about half and hour later, the clouds moved in and opened right up. I dashed out to save them, but it was coming down at such a good clip that they were wetter when I took them down than when I put them up!

I am returning once again to my old Flylady routines to get back into the swing of things. I still do the same things I have on my list, but the list makes it so much easier! I list the things I want to accomplish daily and place them in a plastic sheet protector. As each item is finished, I cross it off with a dry erase marker. Its like a renewable to-do list. Anything I have to add either gets written on the side with the dry erase marker or written on a post-it note and stuck right on the sheet protector.

I have some new babysitting kids this week as well and that always takes some adjustment. I want them to feel like they are at home and I want them to have fun. I care for them the way I'd want my kids to be treated. I am trying to plan some crafts and things we can do for the summer. We've signed up fro parks & rec which has some fun trips planned, but there are a couple of kids that don't come on parks & rec days. I need to have some activities ready for those days.

I'm off to make lunches and then we have some errands to run. Have a great day!

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