Under The Weather

Sorry about the late post today, but it has all caught up with me. My allergies have my nose all stuffed up and runny, my eyes are watering and my head is pounding. It has been raining on and off today and Steven's t-ball game got cancelled.

Oh. Just for those who are keeping up with this, today I also got caught in the rain- while feeding the dogs this time.

After supper tonight, I just couldn't fight it any longer and I settled in for a good nap in my recliner. I feel much better now even though my nap got interrupted by a few phone calls. I think I'm just going to take it easy for the rest of the night. I have some laundry that needs folded and put away.

Since a lot of my family read this blog, I thought I'd throw in that Matthew got to pitch an inning at his game last night! He did a really good job! His team won 21-11!!


Kokopelli said...

That's terrific about Matthew. Does he play on the same teams with Mandy's boy?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Matthew!But you still didn't hit 32 home runs!I don't know how your brother did that but he must be goood!Maybe he batted for everyone.His arm must be worn out!Grandma Sis

Crystal said...

I was one of the first 20 comments on your WFMW post about the Yogurt. I haven't been contacted for my address yet so I just wanted to be sure there isn't a problem. Thanks for the great giveaway.

bcgrove(at)att (dot) net

Cheryl said...

I know how exciting it is to have your child out there playing a great game. Congratulations Matthew!