Somewhere Mother Nature Is Having A Hearty Laugh At My Expense

Friday morning was one of those days where the whole thing just didn't go right. You know those days where you sincerely hope it is all a bad dream and you'll wake up any minute and get to start it off right?

The kids weren't cooperating and we couldn't get out the door on time no matter what I tried. I hit every snafu there was- untied shoes, things that weren't where they are supposed to be and you end up on a 5 minute treasure hunt for it- those kinds of things.

Then, came the obstacle of actually getting to where we needed to be. Eeeeeeeeeeveryone else had plenty of time to get where they were going that day. They took their time, gawked at the scenery and generally putted along at a snail's pace while I fought back curse words that would have set the kids' little ears on fire had they slipped out.

Anyways, we all got to where we needed to be, I had a great day at work, got home and started supper. I got the kids' food on the table and went outside to trim while Mike mowed on the riding mower. I made the stupid mistake of stopping to talk to the neighbor about nothing really important and turned the mower off.

The problems started all over when the mower wouldn't restart. I tried and tried and the thing refused start. Mike finally had to come over and help figure out what was wrong. It all ended fine (or so I thought) when he got the mower going and went to finish riding since it had started to sprinkle. I got back to trimming and by the time I got to the back, it was a downpour.

Here I was,too stubborn to let the rain win dedicated to the care of my lawn, drenched with hairspray running into my eyes. What I had forgotten was that I had gas on my hands from the fuel filter and I wiped the water/hairspray out of my eyes. I was in good shape, I tell you and, looking back, it is funny, but at the time I thought Mike got a little too much enjoyment out of my dismay if you ask me.

As an exclamation point to the whole event, as I was going to change into dry clothes, my hair had soaked up so much water that my barrette popped out of my hair and smacked me in the back of the head.

So today, it is nice and sunny out. Mike asked me to do the trimming when I got home from work so he can finish mowing when he gets home. Wouldn't you know it, it started sprinkling when I was about half-way done. It never did turn into a downpour, but was just enough to remind me of my sad state on Friday.

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Kokopelli said...

I think I like Mike, and I don't even know him! *grin*

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Sounds awful! I hope you've dried out now ;)