Homemade Chinese Yo-Yo

Steven made this Chinese yo-yo in his preschool class this week and I thought it would be a great craft to make at home. The kids will be out of school soon and there are plenty of rainy or chilly days left before summer arrives. We'll need something quick, easy, cheap and entertaining for the kids to do. This is definitely it!

Supplies needed:
1- 10 to 12 inch long X 1/4 inch diameter Dowel Rod (you could even make a smaller one with an unsharpened pencil!)
Roll of Gift Wrap
Clear Packing tape

Remove gift wrap from roll and cut a strip at least 4.5 inches wide by 36 inches long. This can be done by re-rolling the paper, measuring 4.5 inches up the side of the roll and cutting that section off.

Put a piece of packing tape on one short end of the wrapping paper strip and attach it near one end of the dowel rod by wrapping the tape around the dowel. (See picture at right.)

Roll the dowel rod up in the paper and hold tight with your hand for a few seconds.

To use your yo-yo:

Hold the longer end of the dowel rod in your hand and 'fling' the paper end away from you (kind of like you're casting a fishing rod). The paper will slide out in a long whirly tube and spring back to the stick! You can store these with a rubber band around them to help keep them tight.


Dowel rods are generally cheaper at the hardware store than at the craft store, so you may want to compare prices.

You can often find cheap wrapping paper at thrift stores, garage sales, dollar stores and after-season sales!

This would make an excellent birthday party craft/ favor as well! The materials are fairly inexpensive and they are super easy to put together for almost any age!

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