Nifty- Thrifty Thursday

There are many different calculators available online to help you in your quest for niftiness and thriftiness. Here are just a few:

Does it pay to go back to work? Click here for the calculator.

Retirement calculators are popular. Click here for one from MSN.

Find a simple BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator from the CDC by clicking here.

Wondering when that bundle of joy will be here? Click here for a pregnancy calculator.

Click here to visit Yoplait.com and sign up for a coupon for FREE Yoplait Kids yogurt! YUM!
Click here for SuperTarget's printable grocery coupons.
Click here to visit Mr. Clean.com. Click in the lower right hand corner for the $2.00 off offer. You'll also be offered $31 in coupons for other brand-name household products.
Don't forget all of the printable coupons available at Coupons.com!

(Please note that most freebies are available only while supplies last and some may require signing up for email newsletters. Be sure to read all fine print when signing up for samples.)

Click here to sign up for a free sample of Dove® pro·age™.

Click here to visit Walmart.com's FREE sample page!

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