Homemade Bookmarks

Every year, the 4th grade at Matthew's school brings their study of economics to life by putting on The Factors of Production. The students are divided into small groups and they come up with a business plan, create their products and sell them at school. They will be given a loan of $10 from "the bank" (the teacher) which they will use to buy the ingredients or materials. Parents may also donate or loan additional monies or materials to them.

Matthew's group is doing a variety of things, one of which is bookmarks. The competition is tough what with all of the cookies, candies, colored hair spray, ponytail scrunchies, bracelets and other creative items available. I figured these bookmarks had better be pretty fancy. I dove into my craft tubs and found a goldmine of trinkets and ribbons and card stock that would be perfect!

I figured that as soon as I got 4 or 5 10-year-old boys together for this, they would inevitably turn out plenty of "boy themed" bookmarks. I made a few out of some ribbon, fabric flowers and tiny green brads. They turned out so cute!!!
I started by cutting the bottom edge of the ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying. To help with that, I used some clear tacky glue very lightly along the edge to seal it.
I chose 3 or 4 flower pieces for the top and put a small dab of tacky glue in the center of one piece. I layered the ribbon and remaining pieces on top. I didn't need to add any more glue because the first dot soaked through the fabric perfectly. Then, I poked the tiny brad through the center of the flowers and ribbon and opened the tines on the brad to secure it all together.
I highly recommend this craft. It would be easy for kids to do and I thought it might make a nice Mother's Day gift for kids to give!
I also made a few that are in popular school colors around here with some card stock and stamps. I am just glad that I got to the school in time to buy mine because they sold out over the two day event!!


Cheryl said...

Those are so pretty!

Michelle said...

I love those flower book marks. Im gonna have to store that idea away for future use!

Homemade Bookmarks said...

Nice bookmarks. I love to make bookmarks too. I use photos to make mine.