Getting Sick Kids To Drink

After 3 weeks of strep-throat and flu in our house during the month of February, I thought I'd share something I started when Matthew was 3 and have done ever since.

Since I didn't have much else on the brain besides who needs to take what medicine next, this tip is about getting sick kids to drink plenty of fluids: SET YOUR TIMER! Give the little whipper snapper a bottle of water, ginger ale, sports drink* or whatever and set your kitchen timer for 10 or 15 minutes. Each time the timer goes off, they take a drink. It becomes like a game for them, ensures they are keeping hydrated and takes the pressure off of both of you to constantly watch the clock.

To help Steven (5yo)- who got tired of the timer thing real fast- I told him to take a drink each time a commercial came on during his cartoons. That worked better for him because it made him feel more in control of his situation. Plus, he would take a drink with EACH commercial rather than with each commercial break, so he took in more fluid than I even expected.

The boys also like getting broth in a sippy cup for lunch or dinner. Matthew may be 10, but he still likes that one when he's sick.

*I know many people don't like to give kids sports drinks because of the sugar content, but when they are sick I give them whatever they will drink. Sometimes the treat of getting something they usually don't get is incentive enough to drink it all up.

Rocks In My Dryer has hundreds more tips for you!


Cheryl said...

You are such a WONDERFUL Mother! I thought I was pretty on top of things when my kids were little, but you have me beat by MILES. You and Steph.

Kokopelli said...

You're great! Guys rarely get to do that sort of thing unless we take our son to a world class sledding hill only to him break a leg at the bottom. :(