Random Memories #4

In high school, my Economics teacher talked like Yogi Bear. No joke.

We had to divide up into groups to form companies and give our group a name. The name my girlfriend and I chose for our group- "Hey, Boo Boo!"

Each week, when progress reports were printed and handed out, the teacher would announce, "Hey, Boo Boo!" in his best Yogi inflection.

Someone in the class also had a list that he named after this teacher which included all of the words he was incapable of pronouncing. My favorite was "rooooned". This was how he pronounced "ruined."

Perhaps I'd be a more wary and educated consumer had I not wasted all that time making fun of the teacher. :o)


Stephanie said...

Oh but he was so easy to laugh at, and really wasn't too interested in teaching us!

Anonymous said...

Isn'tthat Aunt Teri's Boss now?Maybe i should send this to him.

TERI MANN said...

yes, that is my boss, is this payback for my april fools joke on you? Just be glad you only had him for a year, i've been stuck with him for 11 years, somebody help me!!