Easter's On It's Way

I may have listened to the plush bunny pair we have sing the Peter Cottontail song one too many times in the last few days. That song sticks in my head and comes back each time I find a stray piece of Easter grass off of the floor. And I will still be finding that at Halloween.

Where does that stuff hide all year?!?! I find Easter grass at Halloween and pine needles on the 4th of July! Seriously... where has it been all that time? :::sigh:::


Easter is tomorrow and there is still much prep work to do in the Lessiter household. We spent today doing some more cleaning, coloring eggs and going to the local egg hunt. I feel a little out of sorts because there isn't the tremendous "to do" list I have before Christmas and I am not actually making the food tomorrow.

Mike's Mom has the ham, potatoes and green beans. Everyone else is bringing extra items and desserts. I don't know what to do with myself. I had to make something, so I made a half a recipe of Aunt Gail's cut-out cookies and decorated all evening. They turned out so cute!!!

(I can't help but think I have Orovo in my future after all of that food. LOL!)

In the morning, I'll make some devilled eggs. We don't really need any appetizers, but I have 18 colored hard-boiled eggs in the fridge and by golly, I'm going to use them! :o)

Steven is so excited for Easter that he could hardly get to sleep tonight. That isn't much different than any other night, but I am a little more understanding when there is a holiday involved. I remember what it was like as a kid- lying in your bed with the anticipation of who you'll see, what you'll get and what you'll eat all running through your head. As a parent I find that I have the same thoughts as I lie in bed, but they are about how excited the kids will be and all of the fun they'll have. The only difference is that I have no trouble falling asleep from the sheer exhaustion of it all.

I hope you all have a happy and blessed Easter!


Mandy said...

Don't forget to send some of those good looking cookies my way!

Anonymous said...

Okay Martha!You could of made them friday and brought us some.Happy Easter!Mom