Bad Blogger!

Yes. I've let it happen again. I took a couple of nights off and I have let blogging fall by the wayside again. It seems like I get into a good rhythm and BLAMMO! A wrench of one kind or another gets thrown in there. This time it's my allergies. I take my allergy med (12-hour) in the morning and it works wonders, but if I take it again in the evening I can't sleep. Without it, though, I end up feeling crappy- scratchy throat, headache, chilled and tired.

I switched to DayQuil today and I'll take a NyQuil tonight. Only one NyQuil for me, though. Have you ever taken that stuff? WHOA, MAMA! It will knock you out for three or four days if you take the full dose! Not to mention the crazy dreams you'll have! WOW! Of course it's nothing compared to the psychedelic stuff my Dr. prescribed for me last month, but it's a close second I tell you.

So I've been lazing around each evening and ignoring important stuff like Make It From Scratch hosted by Green Style Mom. Make sure you visit and check out all of the cool entries this week!

I also neglected to wish a Happy Sweet 16 to our niece Jordan (on my blog anyway). I really wish I had a picture from the first time I met her. She was 4 years old and riding around Grandma's patio on her tricycle. Now she's zipping down the road in her little car honking as she passes. Where does the time go?

We're having Mike's family over for Easter on Sunday. It should be a good time with tons of food and the much anticipated egg hunt. I ran to the grocery store tonight to grab the last few things we'll need. I really love hosting parties of any kind. I just love having the house full of good food and happy people. It doesn't matter if it's a holiday, birthday or an impromptu cookout. Sometimes the less planning and time that goes into it, the better it turns out. We often decide to have cookouts at the last minute in the summer and they are usually the most fun.


Margaret said...

nyquil knocks me on my butt for about 3-4 hours and then I am wide awake.

I wish it had the same effect on me that it does you.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like Easter Sunday will be fun. Enjoy!