The Real Spring Break Begins

Well, Easter went off without a hitch. The food was fabulous- as always, the kids finished their egg hunt in record time and everyone had fun. I love it when everyone stays for the whole afternoon after we eat. Its nice to just sit around and talk while we graze over rich desserts and coffee or tea. It makes me want to have every holiday meal at noon so we can do that every time.

I had fun and, other than cleaning a little, had very little to do. Even still, I ended up having a splitting headache after everyone left. I'm chalking it up to my allergies which have been bothering me all week. I took something for it and took a nap, but it didn't help. I took something else and kicked back in my recliner for a while until it went away. I can still feel some sinus pressure, but I feel a million times better now.

So the cookies were a big hit! There are still quite a few left, so between that, the nut roll Mike's Mom made and the candy the boys got in their baskets and eggs, I feel confident in saying this week will be fueled on sugar.

The kids and I are on Spring Break this week. It doesn't really feel like Spring yet, but that's the usual for our Spring Break. They always have it during the last week of March and it's always crappy weather. My expectations are low for any outdoor activities, but I'm sure we can find plenty of stuff to do. I'd actually like to figure out what flowers I'll be planting this year and maybe even start some seeds for them. I have some pots to plant and I'd like to plant something back by our woods. I'm thinking I'd like to get some of my Grandma's peonies which she got from her Mom's farm to put by the woods. They'd look so nice from the house since they have such nice, big blooms.

I'll probably be doing some Spring cleaning over break, too. The list for that is long and daunting, but if I break it into smaller tasks, I'm sure I can manage to get some of it done.
Some people I know will be traveling this week. If you are, too, you might want to check into some travel health insurance. It can't hurt to find out about it just in case.
:::SIGH::: I can't wait to be able to hang my clothes out on the line everyday and sit on my swing and listen to the birds. I want to put my screens in and open the windows each day. I want to have a cookout and sit in a lawn chair and chat all evening with neighbors I haven't seen in a while. It'll be here soon, I just know it!

So, Spring, if you're reading, try your best to get to Ohio sometime within the next week. Yes, I know you're "officially" here according to the calendar, but I'd like some proof. You know, like some warmth, sunshine and perhaps some green grass. I'd surely appreciate it!


Lisa said...

Nice to know I wasn't alone yesterday in feeling really ick toward the end of the day.

Those cookies look so yummy. You guys did a great job.

Sounds like a very fun Easter (except for the allergy part.)

Mandy said...

Don't worry! I'll be thinking of you later this week when I'm in North Carolina where it's suposed to be in the 60's and 70's!

Stephanie said...

it snowed here today! SNOW!!!

I could have been on the beach! Yes, I am feeling sorry for my self!

Kokopelli said...

Y'all are a bunch of neat ladies and I do like reading your blogs. I just hope you're not turning me into a girl. *grin*

Cheryl said...

I can only imagine how much patience it took to decorate those cookies. Yummy!

Scribbit said...

We're starting to melt here but we're still weeks away from green. At least the sun helps.