Can You Dig It?

If you can't, you'd have a ton of trouble around here the last couple of days! LOL! The pic to the left is of my front porch between the first and second shoveling. There's a step in there somewhere and in front of the post is one of my holly bushes peeking out.

The big storm has dumped over a foot of snow on us since late Friday morning when it began. Yesterday, Mike and I shoveled the driveway in the morning removing the large layer from overnight and it took nearly 2 hours. Mike shoveled again after lunch and removed another 2-3 inches that had fallen since we finished. Then, he ended up having to shovel again early in the evening because another 3 inches had coated it again.

The boys enjoyed playing outside for a bit before lunch yesterday, but the snow isn't the good packing kind of snow you need for snowballs, snowmen, snow angels and forts. They got bored with it pretty quickly, not to mention the fact that in places the snow was up to Steven's hips and it was hard for him to get around anywhere that Matthew hadn't already made a path for him.

I baked oatmeal cinnamon and oatmeal cinnamon raisin cookies last night which may have been a tremendous mistake. It's not a good thing to be basically snowed in with a large container of cookies sitting on the table beckoning you each time you pass by. "OVER HERE! WE'RE SO TASTY!!! JUST ONE WON'T HURT!"

Never believe a cookie, no matter how convincing it sounds. ;o)

Here's what it looks like this morning before Mike shoveled... again. To give you a little perspective, that thing that looks like a bush at the end of the porch glider is actually a japanese maple tree that is about 3.5 feet tall.


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness!

Mandy said...

You can always send some of those cookies my way :)