Wasn't It Spring Just Yesterday?

This week has been a weather roller-coaster. Last weekend was cold and snowy. Monday I had my windows all open and my sheets hanging on the line. Wednesday, everything was covered in ice. Thursday, everything melted and it was actually decent and the boys were out in jackets playing baseball in the yard. Today, we're back to winter and in the middle of a blizzard warning (1-2 feet of snow possible with 35 mph winds) for the weekend.

Note to Mother Nature: MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

I, along with everyone else within a 100 mile radius, braved the grocery store last night for a few items so I wouldn't have to run out for anything this weekend. What was the big item everyone was getting? Food? Nope. Salt for sidewalks? Huh-uh. The big purchase appeared to be good ol' toilet paper. Evidently, everyone plans to call out for Chinese food. Ba-dum-bum! The joke at work was, if you don't buy any food, what is the toilet paper for?

I plan to hole up in my cozy home and move files from my flash drive back onto the computer after this whole fiasco. That was just about as fun as filling out a medicare part d form. Then, maybe I'll make some more homemade laundry detergent, perhaps I'll bake something, make some cards, clean a bit (better yet, have the kids help me clean) and I might even try to blog each day this weekend! WOO HOO!

Anyone else out there in blog land getting snowed in this weekend, too?? What are your plans?


Stephanie said...

Alright I will quit my whining. We just have cold rain, no snow. I hate the spring tease!

Margaret said...

I feel ya. I was in shorts last weekend. On Thursday it dropped to in the 30s with rain. Yesterday it was the 30s and 40s with 30 mph wind. Now I think we will be back in shorts this weekend.

Is it any wonder I feel like I am getting sick?

Mandy said...

That is too funny! We went to Wally World Thursday night to get stuff before it snowed. The #1 purchase we went for.....Toilet Paper!

Kokopelli said...

You make your own laundry soap? That's wonderful! I haven't heard of that since my grandmother made lye soap.