Finger Traps and Friendship Pins

Even though there are several weekends where I don't go out (especially recently when the kids and I were sick), the mere fact that everyone was snowed in made getting out feel all that much better today. The car radio confirmed that all was basically back to normal when there was more news about which celebs are in drug rehabs than weather reports and business closings. Many roads are still tricky and parking lots have been put on the back burner for the plowing companies, but it feels like spring is on her way.

So many things are going on right now that it almost feels like summer. I did say almost. I think the fact that Easter is so early this year is keeping the winter blahs from setting in. The time change also helps since it was light until nearly 8 PM tonight. YEEEAAAHHHHHH!!! Imagine... the sun was still out while I did dishes after supper. I love watching the sunset out of my kitchen window.

Matthew's school is having Right-to-Read Week this week with a "Camp Read-a-lot" theme and all kinds of activities to go along with it. Each grade has a specific amount of time they have to read at home each night. Matthew's is 30 minutes. For each day they complete (with a parent signature) they will receive a pony bead to add to a safety pin. Its kind of like a friendship pin we all wore in the 80's.

Admit it... we all had them.

They also have a camp store stocked to the hilt with plenty of gadgets and trinkets to annoy parents for the rest of the year. Yes, I've been told of all of the treasures that are available at the ol' camp store- harmonicas, whistles, slime, tee pees and assorted other junk ahem... er... valuable learning tools that will enhance the "Camp Read-a-lot" experience. The 4th graders are manning the store during lunches and Matthew got one of the first shifts. He came home with Chinese finger traps.

Did you know that Chinese finger traps can provide endless hours of torment and torture for a parent? I mean... umm.... hours of joy and excitement for children?? Ahhh the fighting... I mean merriment (:::wink:::). I shouldn't complain, they'll be destroyed and in the trash by Friday- its a pretty safe bet.

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Michelle said...

all that reading themed happiness is really a great idea. Sounds like fun! Especially all the trinkets!