When's It Gonna End?

Despite my rants about my job, I am so thankful for it these last couple of weeks. If I had any other job, I wouldn't have had all of this time available to be home with the boys.

I got a fever on Friday (never could get in to the Dr.'s office that day) and spent the weekend feeling miserable, Matthew got a horrible headache and fever on Saturday night and Steven woke up with a fever on Monday. We made appointments for all of us and we all had strep tests run just to make sure. The boys were diagnosed with viruses and they gave me 2 Rx's.

Now, I've never taken a cough medicine with codiene in it before and can I just tell you that I never intend to again??? WOAH!!!! That stuff is dangerous! All night I felt like I was spinning and dreamed about my eyes rolling around and all kinds of psychadellic things. I woke up feeling hung over and spent the whole day getting dizzy after I stood up or turned around or blinked. Yuck. That's not for me thankyouverymuch.

So we're getting back on track and I HOPE this will be it for the year for all of us!


Stephanie said...

Wow you have had a rough case of it! Hope you're on the road to recovery now!

Margaret said...

ummm...i gotta tell ya, I love the cough medicine with codeine. Mmmmm....

is that bad?

Rebekah said...

Gracie's Dr gave her some codeine and the label said "for coughs" too. When I asked the Dr about it he said that codeine is a cough supressent. Hmmm, learn something new everyday.
We all just got over the sickies too. Hope we are done with it.