Can't It Just Magically Be Summer?

I've been terrible about posting and even worse about commenting lately. I apologize. I thought I'd post a picture I took this summer to get me out of these blahs.
A little update on the sickies: After I posted this on Wednesday, I found out that Steven had tested positive for strep. His rapid test on Monday came out negative, but they sent them out for culture just to be sure and his culture was positive.
I am ready for this all to be OVER!
Its so awful when your kids are sick and there isn't much you can do for them. On top of that, the poor guys have to take 10 days of antibiotics that they hate. Can't say as I blame them since just the smell of the stuff makes me want to hurl. I also have to be careful not to get any on me since I'm allergic to it.
On another sad note, my sister Ea has had a miscarriage. Mandy gave some more details of the story here. She wasn't very far along and she has one beautiful child already, so she is in good spirits about the whole thing. She's ready to start trying again. We won't be giving any details about that part. LOL!
So I'm ready for summer to be here right about now. I'd just like to not have to bundle up to go outside. I'm dying to sit on my yard swing in the evening sun and watch the kids play on the swings. The only thing I'd need is a bottle of water and a set of Bose headphones to listen to and I'd be all set.
Though I love watching Matthew play basketball and I know I'll be complaining about running back and forth or about one of the parents of a teammate, I'm ready for his baseball season to start. The sign ups are in April and he'll probably play through June, but if he makes the all-star team that will become July. Maybe I'm getting too far ahead of myself, but I've got a serious case of cabin fever going on here. :o)
PS- I'm totally ticked off about Blogger's spell check not working!!!! Enough already!


Stephanie said...

Viv was sick yesterday. Nolan today. I guess I lucked out though, because all they have been doing is sleeping. Don't want them sick, but it is quiet around here.

We have some sort of auto spell checker. That spell checks everywhere. Tim set it up, maybe it is a firefox thing?

Margaret said...

so you probably don't want me to tel you that it was 73 here today and the ice cream man drove by at 5:30?

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

It's aa Firefox thing. it will automatically spell check everything you type in anywhere.

Becky @ FamilyandFinances said...

I was just thinking today about how sick I am of winter. Is it spring yet? .... Is it spring yet? ...