One Step Closer

I woke up this morning to Matthew resetting the alarm on his Technomarine watch which goes off every day at 4:15 and no one seems to know how it got set that way. :::sigh:::

Matthew had his last basketball game this morning. It was our turn to take snacks and Matthew chose ice cream cups. They were a hit! I may have to consider them for baseball or football although football could be a little expensive if the team is big.

Baseball sign ups for this year were today. They'll have them again next Saturday as well. I am so happy they are offering skill camps for the kids this year, too. The HS baseball team is holding a pitching/catching camp one weekend and a position camp a couple of weeks later. I like these camps for several reasons and I'll tell you why (if you are a coach, take notes):

1. They are asking for donations for the camp rather than charging a fee. This makes it much easier on families financially and they may make more than they would have thought.

2. The camps are at the beginning and middle of the month (two weeks apart) which is when a lot of people get paid which will help their attendance and donation amounts.

3. They are offering lunch from the local pizza place for $4. Cheap and saves packing a lunch.

4. It helps the boys who don't have a dad around or boys who won't take their dad's word for it when he tells him how to pitch or hit or whatever. The boys look up to those high school boys and will absorb every word- hopefully they are all good words. ;o)

So baseball season is starting a little sooner than I thought, but that somehow brings spring one step closer for me and I'm thankful for that.

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