Matthew came home one day this week all excited about making glubber in science class and he wanted to make some at home. I put him off all week as I was adjusting to getting back to an almost full week of work and didn't need one more thing to do. Finally, on Friday I let him.

We looked up a recipe online since his recollection of it consisted of about 3 different measurements for each ingredient. Here is the one we found:

1 Tablespoon Borax
1/4 Cup White Glue
1/4 Cup water

Pour 1/4 Cup water in a plastic cup; add Borax and stir for 2 minutes until water is saturated. Pour glue in a zip-top bag. Pour liquid from the Borax mixture into the bag, zip bag closed and squeeze bag until a soft mass forms in the liquid (about 30 seconds). Run tap water in the bag for about 10 seconds to rinse the glubber. Remove it from the bag and play away (try bouncing it!). Store in airtight bag.

This was a quick and easy craft for the kids to make and it would make a great project for homeschooling. Matthew's class made this in their study of chemical and physical changes.


Margaret said...

i have no idea what this is. but it sounds like fun.

I wonder if you could add a few drops of food coloring?

Stephanie said...

Oh that sounds like a fun project!

Congrats to Matthew on the gifted program!

Lisa said...

What a cool idea! And it sounds really easy.