Dread And Loathing In Ohio

Note: The picture has nothing to do with the post. I'm just so ready for spring to be here I thought I'd include a nice, bright photo. :o)

I'm impatiently waiting for a call from a Dell rep. who will guide me through wiping out my hard drive and re-installing the operating system, etc. I have some sort of glitch between my Windows XP and IE7. I know there are other browsers out there that I could download, but I am the tech-savvy one around here. Mike is comfortable with IE and Outlook as are the boys- I'd like to stick with what works. I also don't think it will hurt to "declutter" our computer and start with a fresh base. This will wipe out all of the old games I've overlooked and the components or add-ons for those games that I've avoided removing because I didn't know what they were for.

I have already gone through the loathing part when I transferred all of our files to a jump drive and sent all of our important emails to another account. I also printed a few things that I didn't feel the need to save electronically.

I had to go through the same process for another reason on our old computer, so I know what is involved from this point. I'll have to listen to someone who speaks broken English as they walk me through the processes and it takes a few hours. Its been a couple of years, so I'm hoping that since I have done half of the work already that it won't take as long.

If you ever need to do something like this, I recommend setting up a Yahoo!, Gmail or other free email account to forward your emails, pictures and documents (or anything else you'd like to save) to. You'll be able to instantly save them back to your hard drive or send them back to your original email program. You can also save pictures in a Facebook or Shutterfly account.

So I may be offline for a few hours whenever the Dell rep calls, but I'll be back with a (hopefully) quicker and cleaner computer. Maybe I'll look into getting a beer pong table to pass the time until they call. LOL!


Margaret said...

did you say beer Pong????

Rebekah said...

we had to wipe out our computer a few months ago. It is such a pain trying to get everything re-set to the way it was.

Michelle said...

Beer Pong - count me in! LOL I messed up something on our computer and we are looking into having to wipe it. (BUT, unfortunately I dont think I will be able to save all my stuff :(