Sick-er Kids

So I mentioned a few days ago that Matthew was home with a fever.


...his fever broke Friday night, but I kept him home from basketball Saturday morning just to be safe and let him rest. Saturday night, he broke out with a rash. It didn't really resemble the rash he had when he broke out with scarlet fever in the fall of '06, but it was enough to warrant an appointment with the Dr..

I took him in, they swabbed his throat and said the Doc would be in after the test was done, the Doc came in and checked him out. He diagnosed him with a virus and said he had broken out with hives as a reaction to the virus. "Not uncommon, bring him back if he takes a turn for the worse, push the fluids, have a nice day."

I had just over an hour until Steven needed picked up, so we stopped at the store to grab a few groceries. As we left the store, I checked the time on my cell phone and noticed that I had missed a call. It was the Dr.' s office. They left a message for me to call them back. Upon calling back, I found out that the Doc was unaware that the nurse had run a rapid strep test and it came out positive.

Long story short- or is it too late for that?- they faxed in a prescription and he has to stay home yet another day. Poor kid. Tomorrow is his 10th birthday and I know he was so excited to take in cupcakes for his class and to his basketball team in the evening. He has to have the antibiotics in his system for at least 24 hours before he isn't contagious. He would be allowed to go to basketball practice, but I want to let him rest up and not be tempted to run and play.

I apologized to him for having to keep him home for his birthday and he shrugged and said he got a nice long weekend out of it. :o)


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

That's why we are hesitant to go the Dr. office at all.

Mandy said...

I hope Matthew feels better! I also hope that Steven and the rest of you don't get it!