Happy 10th Birthday Matthew!

Warning: shameless motherly bragging ahead. :o)

Today is Matthew's 10th Birthday!
This boy who began as a tiny little peanut a shade over 7 Lbs. and a mere 19 inches long, who made me look like I was smuggling a basketball under my shirt for months is growing into a young man.
He amazes me daily with his discoveries and his hypothetical questions.
He is quickly becoming everything a mother dreams her child will be: kind, thoughtful, funny, loving, the Student of the Month, winner of the Peace Award, a straight A student, a shortstop, a quarterback, a friend.
I love that he is athletic (because I am not), I love that he is compassionate, I love that he doesn't judge people, I love that he can joke and make us laugh.

He loves to fish, swim, play any type of sport, play video games, write, read, and draw. He will take a subject and analyze it to death or crack a joke about it- and you're never sure which it will be.
He is full of surprises.
He is the boy who loves dodge ball and can't understand why anyone else wouldn't.
He can make a contest out of anything.
He loves to cuddle.
He makes me smile when I need it most.
He loves a great story and marvels at a great sunset.
He is always dreaming of things he wants to do and I hope he gets to do every one of them.


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MATTHEW! Double digits now!GETTING OLD!To bad you're sick! I love you! Grandma

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday big guy!
Hope you are feeling better!