My Latest TV Addiction

There aren't many shows I "have" to watch on TV. There are shows I like and shows I really like, but there are a couple I don't want to miss when there's a new episode.

The first show is Rachael Ray- the daytime show, not the Food Network one. I love to see what she'll be cooking up because she often takes an everyday classic and changes it up a little. She's also much more herself on the daytime show. I find that she can be kind of fake and a tad bit condescending-sounding on her 30-minute shows. I think its because she gets to talk to live people on the daytime show and the 30-minute shows are just her and the camera.

I also love the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She is so funny- even minus the writers- and she is always featuring someone who is doing a good thing or trying to give someone their big break. She features a lot of human interest stories that are so inspiring. She also gives the BEST gifts and lots of them. I keep joking with Matthew that I'm going to do something great just so Ellen will give me a laptop. LOL!

I've been watching those shows for a while now, but the latest one is one that maybe not everyone watches... or ADMITS they watch anyway. I love The Girls Next Door on E!. Its a reality show about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson. At first, I thought it was all about three "bunnies" that run around Hollywood in bustiers flaunting it all to everyone, but it isn't. Okay, Kendra likes to flash people, but mostly when they're in Europe. LOL! The girls are really funny and none of them have ever even been a play-mate. The world they live in is so far from where I live and it is interesting to see what life is like in a mansion with a zoo in the back yard and some curious visitors. They take cool trips and do some unusual things like take trapeze lessons and host radio shows- things you don't see everyday in the middle of Ohio. :o)

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