That's Tight!

Have you ever eaten so much that you can actually FEEL it days later?

Last weekend was a long weekend and I baked banana bread, my SIL sent over some Amish Friendship Bread, my MIL sent over some banana cake and the kids made Rice Crispy Treats with chocolate and peanut butter on top. I don't want to suggest that I ate too much of them, but let's just say that my jeans are a bit snugger (is that a word?) than they were last week.

I just got off the phone with my SIL and my niece made Gobs (homemade Devil Dogs) and she's sending some over.


I may have to take a closer look at those ellipticals I saw in the store last week. Hmmm.

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Michelle said...

Can I come over? All those baked goodies are making me hungry!