Just Call Me Dr. "Do Little" Tonight

Man am I tired!!!

I had a relatively easy day at work, but by the time I got home, started supper, fed the dogs, finished making supper, realized I had for gotten to make more iced tea and cleaned up from supper, I was whipped!

Mike had run to his parents' house, Matthew was playing on the computer and Steven was playing his video game. I sat in my recliner covered in my nice warm blanket and intended to take a cat nap. Only problem was that I couldn't fall asleep! I closed my eyes, turned on my side, turned on the other side and wound up watching a movie on TV.

Not a single "z" caught!

I do feel a little better and I'm glad I got to sit and do nothing for a little while. I've had a busy week and we're still trying to get into the swing of being back in school, so I deserved it.


Rebekah said...

why is it I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat, EXCEPT, on those rare occasions when I actually have the oppurtunity to cat nap??

Stephanie said...

Oh I've been dragging all week. I've had to kick my own rear end to get anything done, and there is a lot to do! UGH!