The Post Is Nearly As Long As The Actual Event

Okay. Are you ready to hear about my 2 HOUR ORDEAL at the grocery store?!?!?
Mistake #1- Thinking that if I headed right to the grocery store after work, I could get it done and out of the way for the rest of the week.
Mistake #2- Getting in the checkout line (one of only 2 open at the time) behind "buy a bunch of melons" lady. EACH one had to be weighed and totaled! THEN... she stood there and chatted with the checkout girl about nothing at all for another 5 minutes!
Mistake #3- Thinking I'd have "plenty of time to get my groceries and get home before Matthew and the girl I babysit off the bus."
So by the time "melon lady" got through the line and my order was totaled and paid for, 30 minutes had gone by!!! UNREAL!
THEEEENNNNN! The girl bagging the groceries asked the checker if my 10# tube of ground beef had rang up correctly. There had been some problems with them not ringing at the sale price earlier in the day. So since I had paid already, I would have to go to the service center to get the difference.
Here is where I should have gone straight out the door and forgot about the $5 so I could get home in time.
I had to get in line behind "I need a pack of cigarettes" lady who looked older than me, but gets carded by "crazy hairdo manager lady" and can't find her I.D. in her huge bag. I called my niece and asked her to please go to my house and be there when the kids got off the bus and stay with them until I get home.
5 minutes later...
Cigarettes lady leaves and hairdo lady looks at me puzzlingly as I try to explain that they owe me the difference in the regular price and the sale price. She calls the meat dept. to verify the price should be $1.79 and not $2.29 per pound I had paid.
Another 5 minutes later...
Meat Dept. guy arrives at the front of the store and can't figure it out. He takes my meat to the back to re-weigh it at the correct price. While I waited, I let an elderly lady go ahead of me, bought Steven a pack of Skittles for being so patient and wrote this post in my head.
Yet another 5 minutes later...
Meat dept. guy returns with this...
$3.69 per pound?!?!??!
He tells hairdo lady to give me the difference between that and what I paid.
Mistake #4- Not shutting my mouth and leaving with an extra $8.86 in my pocket.
I tried to explain to hairdo lady that that still isn't right. I got out my handy little calculator and figured that they only owed me $4.90.
Another manager who knew that the customer with the restless and tired 5-year-old and groceries thawing in the pick-up lane outside and a niece watching the kids she should have been home to meet off the bus is always right. HE gave me my $4.90 and I lit out of there 55 minutes AFTER I GOT IN LINE TO CHECK OUT!


Margaret said...

Congrats. We seriously might be related. That would completely happen to me.

shay said...

I followed you here from Margaret's blog and I agree with you. this could happen to me...

I also have this special gift of picking the slowest check out line.

Michelle said...

Why is it that these only happen when you need to stop just for a minute, and have plans to be else where!