Pillow Fight?

My Uncle from WV sent our Christmas gifts to us this year and included in the huge gift bag for the family were these cute-as-can-be pillow shams.

First thing I did was opened the package up and put them on our bed. We would be having Mike's family over in a few short hours and "wouldn't these be cute to have displayed?"

Little did I know the cuteness that would ensue from the little devils- the shams, not the family members.

Mike and I have had a difference of opinion as to which side which pillow should be on. He switched them a few times, but I think he gave up on that since I'd just switch them right back. My Mom fixed that problem at their house by putting them on the back of the couch in her family room. I would do the same, but with my boys and since I babysit, the white on the shams would no longer be white.

My final decision before I put these away until next Christmas is that whomever makes the bed gets the "nice" one...

... yep. Its on my side now! :o)

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