Of Oprah and Oxygen Concentrators

Oh the things we like to watch on TV!!!!

I actually don't sit down and watch much of anything until after the kids are in bed, but it is always on in the background. If I hear something worthwhile or strange, I'll stop what I'm doing and have a look-see. Here's a list of some of the shows I like to "watch".

Rachael Ray
Oprah - I know she's on opposite fo Ellen, but it depends on who or what she has going on.
The Girls Next Door
Man vs. Wild
Nashville Star
How Its Made
Spirit of the Wild- its the one hunting show I really like.

There's also a local show we like to watch that's called Josh's Cribbs. It's a reality show about Josh Cribbs, who plays for the Cleveland Browns. He visits the homes of fellow players and gives tours. They also focus on what the players do in their free time or in the off-season. How else would I learn important things like the fact that Kellen Winslow sleeps in one of those oxygen concentrators?

What do you like to watch?


shay said...

I'm new too you but I love to chat so I'll tell ya:

I hate the TV on in the back ground so if it's on, I'm watching.

I love (in a guilty way cuz it's super cheese) Moonlight.
The Biggest Looser

and I'm waiting and waiting for Lost!

I'm not sure I can stomach Rachel Ray anymore! She kinda makes my teeth hurt she's so sweet...YIKES!

Margaret said...

Jon & Kate Plus 8
Law & Order SVU (just got into that)
Dirty Jobs
And other stuff I ccan't remember...

HEy...Shay found you! She's fab!

Margaret said...

I forgot Nip/Tuck... LOVE that show. Love it.