Holiday Hangover

I woke up the day after Christmas and even though I can't remember the last time I had a drop of alcohol, felt like I had a hangover. My stomach hurt, I felt dehydrated and I had one hum-dinger of a headache! I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed all day with the shades pulled down tight and the door shut.

Unfortunately, I had to get up. A friend that I babysit for had called on Christmas Eve and asked if I could babysit her son Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. She and her husband both have to work and her teenage son has basketball practice everyday in the middle of the day. I haven't been babysitting much lately, so I welcomed the extra income. The boys would also enjoy having someone right between their ages to play with. He's a good boy and he plays well with both of my kids.

After I got up, I realized that the reason for my despair was a little stomach problem. I was hungry one second and queasy the next. And before you assume that I am pregnant or something, let me assure you that that due to the fact that I am dealing with another issue this week, that is NOT the case.

So here I was, in such a lovely state of crankiness and yuckiness, dealing with opening about forty thousand boxes and packages of toys received the day before. I was the epitome of joy and grace, I was. At one point, I was opening something for Steven and had to shoo him off to another room because the smell of chocolate chip cookie he was chewing was nauseating me.

I am better today, but the yuck isn't completely gone. The worst part is that I have a fridge bursting with the yummiest leftovers and I'm afraid to eat them. I hope they last a couple of more days so I can enjoy the feast all over again... without the hangover this time. :o)

Don't forget that Tim, Steph and the family are packing their luggage and heading up this way tomorrow. We're hoping they'll have a little time to stop by for a visit. The kids were so excited when I told them they'd be in Ohio this weekend! They got along so well this summer!


Stephanie said...

Talk about dropping hints....:)
I'm not sure what we can work out.

Joanna said...

The same thing happened to me- I woke up yesterday feeling awful (with a fever!) and have all these nice leftovers in the fridge that I have no desire to touch. Unfortunately, I'm not over it yet, but my husband's enjoying eating so well!

Margaret said...

Are you SURE you aren't pregnant? (wink wink).

Feel better....