They've Just Been Waiting For This!

Yes, they have!!!
Christmas morning, we arrive at Grandma Norma's and Mom points out to me that Mandy and Ea are wearing the same sweaters.
No. This was not a fashion faux pas.
It was not a miscommunication.
The sad truth is that they actually planned this while buying the sweaters. (Maybe I'm just jealous that I wasn't included... NAAAHHH!)
I can't say that I am especially surprised by this since I'm pretty sure that the two of them are joined at the hip, but I had to post about it. I warned them when I took it that it was going on the blog.
Okay, maybe it was actually after I took the picture that I said that, but that's merely a technicality at this point.
Move over Sweeney Sisters, here are the Sweater Sisters! Love ya guys!!! :o)


Margaret said...

You so wish you had a sweater...

Cheryl said...

What a couple of ornery looking smiles!