It Pays To Be Flexible

I had so many things planned to do tonight. I was going to make some banana breads, make edible ornaments for Matthew's class party tomorrow, give Mike a haircut, fold the clothes that are still in the dryer from last night, wrap some teacher gifts, run the vacuum cleaner, get some mail ready for tomorrow, write a post for tomorrow and maybe actually sit and relax for a few minutes before bed (read- make a "to do" list for tomorrow).

That all got changed when we got a call right after supper telling us that there was family visiting at my MIL's house. We didn't really know when she was coming, so it was a nice surprise. We knew she came bearing gifts and we had gifts for her as well, so we loaded up and headed down the street for a visit.

We talked about everything from report cards to mesothelioma treatment. We had a great time catching up since the last time we saw each other. I had all but forgotten the items on my list.

I was quickly reminded the instant we walked in the door. There sat the dryer full of clothes patiently waiting to be folded. There sat the supper dishes waiting to be loaded in the dishwasher. There sat the bag of pretzels waiting to be made into tasty treats for classmates.

Despite the daunting agenda I had made for myself, I was not overwhelmed. I dug my heels in, prioritized and got to work. I took the time to smell the roses of a family visit and still accomplished what was really important. Matthew will have his treats, Mike's hair won't be sticking up in the morning and my counter is clear of dirty dishes. I will still have a few items to get to in the morning, but the evening was wonderful and very worth it in the end.

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Mandy said...

Maybe you'll have some free time when I take your oldest son for a few days!