Late Links

I never got on the computer this morning to post, so- albeit a little late- here are some links for your Tuesday.

Make It From Scratch #43 is up at Mr. Micah's. Its the "Twas a week before Christmas" edition! FUN!

Need some holiday food ideas? Check out my food blog, The Fat Bottomed Girl!

For some great shopping tips, visit Frugal Delites for 33 Basic Smart Shopping Tips!

Okay, I HAD to do it! The BROWNIES are having a stellar season and they kicked Buffalo's B-U-T-T on Sunday!!! Add the Cleveland Browns site to your feed reader! It's a great way to keep up with what is going on with the team all year long!

Have a great Tuesday!!


Margaret said...

Ummm...Go Texans?!?!?

Lisa said...

First; HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARRET. Cute pic btw!

Also, there are brownies in football? Where?

Oh wait, I know what you mean now. Sorry the PMS craving is kicking in....