Let The Break BEGIN!!!

Today was the last day of school in our district.


Woo! Excuse me... Let me attempt to regain composure...

Deep breath... go to my happy place...


Anyhoo. Today was the last day before Christmas break. It was a busy day at work and at home. I ended up doing exactly what I said I wouldn't do last year- wrapping teacher gifts and bus driver gifts at the last minute. It all worked out, but I was a little frazzled and stressed and I did it to myself so there was no one to blame. DARN!!

We survived the class party and Matthew went home with Mandy after he got home from school and I packed his bag up (yet another thing I intended to do ahead of time).

So the big talk at school the last two days has been Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant at 16. Is anyone honestly surprised by this? With Britney in and out of alcohol rehabs or drug rehabs and her questionable parenting skills, is it any wonder? Someone even suggested changing the name of her show to Zoey 1 ON 1. LOL!

Enough about that mess.

I won't be babysitting much over break since most of the kids I watch have other arrangements made for them, but I'm looking forward to having some time just with my family. I'm really missing the time I have always spent with the boys. I'll be sure to take full advantage of this time!

Oh! I also want to get some quality time in on my blogs! I miss being able to post whenever the mood strikes. If only I could make enough money blogging to do just that full time! Ahhh! That sounds good to me!!!


Rebekah said...

My boys love Zoey 101. I am disappointed in the situation. I was hoping she wouldnt fall into her sisters foot steps

Mandy said...

You forgot to say, "your WONDERFUL sister Mandy" took Matthew to her house!